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Hamilton City Council is expanding its existing all-day paid parking scheme to a further five areas on the fringes of the central city.


From 5 September 2022, people wanting to work or spend longer periods of time in the city can park in additional on-street all-day paid parking zones. This option will apply from 8am to 6pm in marked areas along one side of Liverpool Street, Harwood Street, Grantham Street, and Clarence Street.


Parking is set at a flat rate of $6 per space per day, with payment made via the PayMyPark app.


“It’s important to have a mix of options – as well as other transport choices – for people who work or spend long periods of time in the central city, so we can all continue to safely get where we need to go,” said Council’s City Transportation Director, Gordon Naidoo.


As well as 'stay all day' parking options, Council has also recently introduced licence plate recognition technology across the city to help improve carpark functionality and user experience. The system ensures that parking spaces within both the all-day paid parking areas and nearby two-hour free parking spaces are being properly used.


“Alongside making other modes of transport a viable choice for people to safely get around, we are using technology to make parking easier and more efficient for Hamiltonians. This also aligns with future transport improvements planned for our growing city,” said Naidoo.


The all-day paid parking areas are along only one side of each street, marked with permanent signs, to ensure visitors can continue to call into businesses, residences, and other buildings in the new areas.


“Importantly, we want to also support our local businesses by continuing to have a regular turn-over of nearby parking spaces to assist with their trading,” said Naidoo.


The all-day parking areas were first introduced to Hamilton in July along Knox Street and Nisbet Street.


For more information on parking in Hamilton, click here.


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