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People on bikes are set for a smoother ride through the city with the introduction of specialist sweeping machines, made specifically for cycle lanes.

Two new cycleway sweepers were deployed on 1 July as part of Hamilton City Council’s 10-year, $55 million dollar initiative to provide safe routes for walking, biking, scooting and skating around the city. The sweepers are managed by Infrastructure Alliance, a group contracted by Council to sweep our streets and cycleways of rubbish and gravel.

The sweepers are sent out early each morning to clear away any loose stones, glass, nails, or other debris that may have made its way on cycle lanes.

Cycleway users in Hamilton are also able to report any cycleways that need sweeping directly to Council via Antenno, an app available for free on the App Store and Google Play, or by phoning our Contact Centre on 07 838 6699.

“Our two cycleway sweepers cover over 240km of cycleway each month, and can hold up to 500kg of waste each,” said Martin Parkes, Public Transport and Urban Mobility Programme Lead. “We also have access to a hand-held, manual sweeper for call outs.”

“Ensuring our cycleways are safe for those who use them is another step in shaping a city that is easy to live in.”

Council’s Long-Term Plan will see another 40km of cycleways built in Hamilton, in addition to new bike stands and lock up locations already being installed throughout the city.


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