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As students across Hamilton head back to school this week, we want to remind drivers to be patient, and plan for busier commutes.


Gordon Naidoo, Hamilton City Council’s City Transport Unit Director, is appealing for drivers to be courteous and sensible.


“We’re asking everyone to be considerate. When parking at a school, don’t park across driveways, footpaths, on broken yellow lines, or no-stopping areas such as bus stops. Remember that it’s illegal to park on a cycle lane.”


Naidoo said that drivers should be aware of reduced speed limits around schools at drop-off and pick-up times.


“Children returning to school can be easily distracted by their surroundings. They may find it difficult to judge distances, and could step into the road without warning. School patrol teams will be out at pedestrian and kea crossings. Make sure you look out for them and follow their signals.


“We’re all in this together as a city. We want you and your family to travel safely and get home safe, every day.”


Council recognises the key connection between healthy, active living and our transport choices. With the fantastic weather we’re experiencing in Hamilton, why not try mixing up the journey to school? It’s the perfect time to let kids try walking, cycling or scootering. 


Click here to learn more about our road safety travel planning, tips and initiatives.


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