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It’s Hamilton’s turn for the electronic parking meters used in cities across New Zealand.

The coin-operated parking meters in the central city are out of date, and will be replaced with new meters at the end of February 2024.  

Hamilton City Council’s City Transport Unit Director Gordon Naidoo said the electronic parking meters are a welcome upgrade for Hamilton.

“The coin-operated parking meters have reached the end of their life and need to be replaced. Electronic parking meters are the modern equivalent to manual meters, and offer greater convenience for those parking in the central city,” said Naidoo.  

Funding for the parking meters was approved in the 2021-2031 Long-Term Plan. Two of these devices have been used successfully in Opoia Paa Carpark (previously known as Sonning Carpark) since 2022.  

How the new parking meters work

  • The meters are touch-screen. Drivers follow the on-screen prompts and enter their vehicle’s licence plate number, and time required.
  • Payment is made with payWave.
  • Alternatively, drivers can use the PayMyPark app to register and pay for their parking on the go.
  • The meters are ticketless, but an electronic receipt can be requested.
  • To get two-hours free parking, drivers must register their vehicle’s licence plate number at the parking meter, or on the PayMyPark app.  

Payment for all-day $6 parking can only be made on the PayMyPark app.  

A dozen coin-operated machines will remain around the central city for those who wish to continue paying with coins.  

Installation of the parking meters is expected to begin on 25 February 2024. The single-headed parking meters will be removed, and 59 electronic parking meters will be installed in their place during night works. The process is expected to take approximately two weeks to complete.  

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