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Large cracks have appeared on Bryce Street next to Seddon Park and the rail line due to ongoing settlement of the pavement. To understand what’s causing this, Council has had to close the road for further investigation.

A team is currently assessing the damage to the road surface and will make a recommendation for the next steps.

Keeping our community safe is our number one priority. To minimise the risk, the road will be closed to vehicles until all assessments are completed and any necessary repairs have been made. It’s currently unclear how long the road may be closed for, however we expect it could take at least a couple of weeks to assess.

Vehicles currently parked on the closed section of road will be able to exit through the closure. Pedestrians and people on bikes and scooters will still be able to use the path on the Seddon Park side of the road while the road is closed to vehicles.

Council regularly checks this road for movement; however, the most recent cracks are much larger than any which have appeared in the past, which is why Council has chosen to immediately close the road.

We will provide further updates once we have more information.


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