Natural and Built​ Environments Act (NBA)

As the main replacement for the RMA, the NBA aims to protect and restore the environment while better enabling development.

The NBA is the first cab off the rank and has gone through its first public consultation process on the first draft or "exposure draft" which outlined the key aspects on the Act.

Council submitted on the draft in August 2021 and made key points related to:

  • how to reconcile competing objectives/outcomes
  • clarification of definitions and unclear drafting.
  • the role of local government
  • allowing specific plans for Tier 1 authorities and more focus on the built environment
  • integration of NBA plans with other local government work programmes.

The Select Committee released its report on 1 November 2021 and recommended that the Government proceed with the development of the Bill with proposed redrafting of certain provisions in a number of important areas.

There will be an opportunity for Council to submit on the next draft in 2022. It's expected the NBA will be passed into law in this parliamentary term.

Strategic Planning Act (SPA)

Staff are continuing to engagement with MFE on the development of the Strategic Planning Act. We're expecting this to be formally introduced to the Select Committee, alongside the NBA, in 2022.

Climate Adaptation Act (CAA)

The CAA is not expected to be formally introduced to the Select Committee until 2023. 

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Last updated 7 October 2022