Hamilton City Council uses almost 2000 suppliers to keep our city running, and to improve and add to its assets and infrastructure. We choose suppliers via either:

  • a competitive tender process
  • a preferred supplier process
  • staff (if the value is below $50,000, staff can obtain multiple quotes from local companies and do not need to go through a formal tender process).

In procuring products and services, we consider price, but also the environmental, social, cultural, and economic benefits that can be generated. ‘Buying local’ is important to us and more than 80% of our spend is through local companies or companies with a local branch or office. 


We list our tender opportunities at Tenderlink, where you can also register to receive tenders by email. 

Each listed opportunity includes:

  • our requirements
  • the ratio of price and non-price attributes
  • how we intend to score responses to non-price attributes
  • a timeline for submitting bids
  • the ability for bidders to ask questions.

How are tenders evaluated?

Staff evaluate bids using a variety of models. 

The simplest is the best-price option, but generally, as the complexity and/or risk increases non-price attributes such as capability and competence are also considered.

Normally the local impact a bid will deliver has a 5% weighting. 

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Last updated 8 June 2022